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Experience the power of AI combined with in-depth speech writing research to create a wedding speech that captures your emotions authentically. Whether you're the best man, maid of honor, or father of the bride, crafting a toast that's funny, witty, or heartfelt has never been easier

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Being asked to give a wedding speech is an honor. But figuring out what to say can be stressful. With our free AI wedding speech generator, you can create funny wedding toasts or a heartfelt best friend wedding speech tailored to your unique relationship with the couple - without the hassle. If you are struggling to articulate your feelings or seeking inspiration for wedding speech ideas, our free AI Wedding Speech Generator is your solution. Wow the newlyweds and guests with a memorable toast you can be proud of, without the writer’s block and hours of preparation.

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Take your wedding speech to the next level with our premium wedding speech generator. Discover endless possibilities for your wedding speech with the 'Inspire Me' feature, crafting the perfect declaration of your toast.


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You have unlimited opportunities to revise, adjust tone, and include specific anecdotes, ensuring a perfect match with your preferences.


Our AI is designed to not only personalize toasts but also to infuse them with emotional depth and authenticity.

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Our user-friendly tool streamlines speech creation, guiding users with targeted questions to create personalized wedding toasts.

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